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Somehow you need to find out where this man's heart is before you get any further. Don't forget there are so many Leo's out there that are waiting for you Libra women! She'll play too many head games with him. You, being a Libra is the real deal! Leos know that time with a Libra is time well spent! I have a Libra co-worker that I'm absolutely crazy about, and I would like to get to know her better someday.

But she is very quiet at work, and doesn't say much at all. Once in a while, when she comes around, I'll look at her and give her a smile, and she will smile back. But still, I wonder just what she's thinking. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm married, and she is quite a bit younger than me.

But I also suppose she probably doesn't want to come between me and my wife, but I wonder if I wasn't married if things would be different? I wish I could know how she felt! I am a Libra woman 29 my first sexual experience was with a Leo man well we met when I was Now that we are both married he tells me he's never stopped thinking about me. He told me this right before we both got married also , 7 years ago. I am thinking of seeing him this weekend by his request. He is so excited just to take me to dinner ,,,,,and I miss his sex just FYI not that anything will happen. Can I get help from someone who's been in this situation?

What in your opinion will this Leo man be like in a love affair? I am a Libra mature woman I had been with a Leo man for 6 years.


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He's always thought I was too old for him but we've had great times and exceptional love making. We are 13 years apart and everyone told me what's age got to do with it. Well he thought against it but he still continued the relationship with me while he was seeking the person he wanted to finalize his life with. Now that he has found her he still wants to be a friend of mind but things have to be different now for us because he is getting married to this person. I will continue my life looking for another Leo man because they are great lovers and enjoyable men to be with.

Hopefully God will send someone my way -- I'd prefer first: Unhappy about what happened to us but there was no convincing this guy that I would have been ok for him forever. Even though I am a very decent looking woman and in good shape figure wise and he is handsome he felt I was still too old. His age 50 me I guess I could say I was being used. Is he or she your soulmate? Find out today with the most thorough astrological analysis available, with scores for all areas of your relationship: I am a Libra woman and I have been contemplating an affair with a married Leo man.

We met when I hired him to do some work for me. On the first meeting, I noticed his fine, muscular body.

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On our 2nd meeting, while talking to him about mundane things, our eyes met. It was then I could feel immediate sexual tension. Soon after, we began texting one another in a sexually playful way. He drives me crazy! He is sexy, playful and very much a man who wants to be in charge. We recently had a first kiss - then he left me wanting more. Now all I can think about is having sex with him. I am sure it is going to be mind blowing. I'm a Libra woman who's dashed with love for a suave far-away Leo. To be honest, I saw his picture through a friends page on facebook early last year and felt my heartbeat raaaaace!!

Within a few hours we had exchanged emails, skype details, the lot.

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Unfortunately, I found out he lives at the polar opposite side of the world. Also didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time, but I hadn't thought much more than 'woaaaah amazing person' then. She broke up with him before we met anyway but he was rather sad at the time: After about a month we spoke more slowly I wafted over, intoxicated by his charms , and my spontaneous urge to change flights allowed for us to meet at a friends house in aaaanother country [when we first spoke, he mentioned he was visiting them.

In the meantime we made plans for sharing an apartment overseas after finishing our degrees at university!! Things didn't go so well close to flying off to see him around December..

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A week before he sent me an email asking if we could stay friends. He was making a logical decision, but it still made short sharp incisions in my heart. We went too fast while I was at his house which sent me into a mental breakdown. Even now I feel bad for letting him see that because..

Months passed and we emailed just as frequently as before, sharing whatever we could through the interwaves. Recently we took off to travel about the dream-country of our future for about a week: Being able to wake up in the morning and just know that we're in the same place at the same time [yay for no time difference!

It makes sense though. With the distance we can't do much else but talk. Doesn't mean I don't want to spend every moment of the rest of my existence with him though!!

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They do not seek attention like Leo men do, however, they find that they categorically become the center of attraction at various events. Libra women are beautiful but not in the conventional way. Their beauty appeals in a peculiar way to people who can understand her. Libra women have strong ethical values and stick to them in times of difficulties.

They are often in such dilemmas that require them to tread the wrong path that they almost let go before holding on to the hope that they will succeed keeping their morals intact. They follow their hearts and usually emerge victorious when they least expect it. A Leo man, on the other hand, is a combination of a dynamic personality and elegant mind. They are self-centered, probably the most egoistic people of the lot, but they are always careful to mask it with their humility and nobility.

They are most certainly the only group in the zodiac that loves and nurtures tenderly like women do and are not afraid to show it. They bestow love and blessings on their close ones almost as often as they wish and enhance their lives by enriching someone else's. But if i remove it out of system and redownload from google store , it can use as normal.

Please check it. I tried using UN1 with Lsskernel 3. Is the battery life still goodCould anyone else comment on the battery life on UN3 with Lss 3. Lastly, do I need to change the kernel settings in Synapse? I didn't touch them, but the app would still say that the settings were unstable. May I know what are the differences between gugu0das and lss3. Which one is more stable and power saving? Gugu0das may not be as stable as lss3. There already was discussion about gugu0das. I already rerereposted it. Use search to find. Or buy a new battery.

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My 2 cents Lss kernel: instable even with Stock setting. But battery friendly. Gugu0das: stable but performance varies. Sometimes fast sometimes laggy. Btw the kernel OC to 2. Phantom: New kernel, more on battery saving.

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So far the best kernel for me, I'm still testing it. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service.

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